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Salado, TX

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Product ID: ZSPRT


(Click image for more details)  Quantity in each package: 1
The Short•Finder is a 24 volt system "short-finder". It'll keep the Tech from wasting a pocketful of fuses while trying to locate a control voltage short. A built-in circuit breaker turns on a bright red LED when tripped. 
As the Tech removes the short, the breaker can be flipped, the LED goes out, and the circuit is restored. Lightweight and compact, with two 18" leads.

Compressor Terminal Repair Kit
Product ID: ZCTRK


(Click image for more details)  Quantity in each package: 1 set of 3 terminals/wires/connectors
Terminals are high-temp soldered to the 10 ga. fine-strand, color-coded wires for the best connection. These special terminals allow clearance for compressor posts, and lay flat under the safety cover. Twist-on wire-nuts also provided.

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